The architectural services provided by us are always in congruence with the interior designs. In our approach we involve many factors and parameters in the conception and manifestation of an architectural piece. Anthropometrics, the context of building climate and functions at different times of the day and seasons, the historical precedence of the region, the economic feasibility, style , people and their and their aspiratons are some of the many guiding principles which lead us to our concept and henceforth the spaces. As a result all our building refelects the overall context setting and an identity of their own.


Engineering Through its associates and sub consultants, SWBI offers Services in: • Structural • MEPF – Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Fighting. • Landscape Design • Security and Surveillance • BMS and Instrumentation • Acoustics • Kitchen and BOH Planning.

Additional Services

For our very select and limited Clients we provide Project Management Services on case to case basis. In addition there is a new initiative to provide our services for assisting our clients with various voluntary sustainable design ratings like LEED or GRIHA ( by TERI in India).

Interior Design

Interior designing reflects your individual style and gives a theme to your space. Be it the designing of your personal room, your kid’s room, your office, terrace, or simply your sit out area, each location has its own demand in terms of design. We understand this crucial demarcation in designing pattern and implement it in every big or little project of ours to come out with results that are overwhelming. For us, interior designing is much more that just putting the furniture together and coordinating the colors. We believe in associating emotions with each of the tangible element of your house to make it a sweet home more than just a living space. This is where our interior designing services goes beyond the basket making it a more personal and emotional activity than just being professional. Till date we have meet our client’s expectations through our experience, analytical approach and passion to create something new and appealing every time we start.

Vastu Vidya

Vaastu vidya was a discipline followed in ancient India. Its aim was to provide a harmonius living habitat to all creatures. It encompassed the rules and th nature of all things in existence. This is very important as by inherent nature humans in the name of development and progress, destroy the environment and distrurb the ecological balance in more than one way. Thus the aim of “Vaastu Vidya” was to guide the planners and designers in a way that the expansion and development that was done did not disturb the natural cycle and bore the users all the benefits from the nature. This science, which is much misunderstood and misused today, was structured so that it can automatically take care of many of the design related aspects, such as aesthetics, style , structure, engineering, spatial & ritual order of spaces, functions, climate, astrology, astronomy, ecology and many other hidden dimensions in nature that are not visible otherwise. There is no principle in this discipline which is unexplained and unjustified. As we at aakar design consultants always make this discipline a intirgal part of our designs and do our best to make people aware about this science traditionally known as “Vaastu vidya”. s

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